⛓️Solana Activation

Activate Solana NFTs, and Tokens

Add an Activation

After selecting Solana from the dropdown in the πŸ”₯ Manage Activations menu, a new embed will appear:

Select the type of NFT/Token you would like to add from the dropdown menu

NFTs & Tokens

After selecting Solana NFT from the dropdown menu, a form will appear for you to enter the contract address and custom name

After the collection has been imported the following embed will appear, select the collection type from the dropdown menu

No Effect - Collection will only appear in the Dashboard for users

Generator - Generate daily points for NFTs

Multiplier - Multiply the daily points your Generators give

You can always change/edit collections via the Collection Settings Menu after it is activated

Remove an Activation

To remove a collection, go to the Collection Setting Menu and click the πŸ—‘οΈ Remove A Collection option

Now select the collection you would like to remove from the dropdown menu

A new embed will appear, click on πŸ—‘ Confirm Removal to remove the collection. This cannot be undone!

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