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How do I setup Games for my community?

Game Setup

Note: Only an administrator can create the channel.

1. Create an admin channel

If you have not set up an admin channel yet, use the /start command to do so.

2. Create a Casino Channel

To create the casino channel, click the ⚑Create Channels button in the admin channel to get started.

Now you have 2 options: create all starting channels or create specific channels.

  1. ⚑Create All: Will create all 5 of the channels displayed in the picture above

  2. βš™οΈCreate Specific: Allows you to choose which channels are created. If you choose this option, click the 🎲 Casino option in the dropdown menu.

Once the channel is created, you will see the casino displayed in the channel:

Casino Leaderboard

A leaderboard is displayed in the Casino channel. This leaderboard shows the top 5 players of that day in Points. The leaderboard will reset every 24 hours.

Pro Feature: Right-click the embed then use App > Edit to change various features of your casino leaderboard including image, embed title, description, and color

Start a game

To start a game, click on the Start button in the Casino channel. Here you can choose between creating your own table or joining an already active table.

At the moment there are 2 different games available. Click to learn more:

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