✨Edit Fields

Set the fields in the embed

This option allows you to set the fields in the embed. "Fields" in an embed provide structure and detail, allowing segmented information within the layout of the embed. They are essentially subsections within the embed content, often used to display a title-value pair for greater clarity.

When clicking the option, you will see different options:

  • πŸ“ Add Field -> Add a new field

  • πŸ—‘οΈ Remove Field -> Remove a field from the embed if any

  • ✏️ Edit a Specific Field -> Edit a certain field

Add Field

This option allows you to set the values of the field. When clicking the option, a form will be opened where you can fill in the following:

  • Name -> 'Title' of the field

  • Value -> Displayed under the name

  • Is Inline -> Type yes/ no whether you want the field inline. Inline determines whether the field will be displayed in-line with other fields. If set to 'yes', multiple fields can be shown side by side (given space constraints), otherwise, they'll be displayed one below the other.

Once you submit the information, the embed is updated.

Remove Field

This option allows you to remove a field from the embed. When you click on the option, a form opens where you can select the field you want to remove. You can remove it by selecting it.

Edit a Specific Field

This option allows you to edit the values of a specific field. When clicking the option, all the existing fields will be listed. Select the one you want to edit. Once you clicked the field that you want to update, it will update a form similar to Add Field.

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