Create raffles for your members to spend tokens on!

Creating a Prize

To create a Prize, use the command /create and select 🎁 Prize.

Edit Giveaway

This option allows you to edit the embed with the information of your Giveaway. You can edit the following:

  • Giveaway Title

  • Giveaway Description

  • Giveaway Image

  • Giveaway Thumbnail

  • More Info Link

Edit Settings

Here you can configure the settings of your item:

  • Entry Limit in Points

  • Min entry in Points (Leave blank if no minimum)

  • The number of winners

Edit End Time

Here you can set the end time of your giveaway. There are some preset options you can use or you can set a custom time.

If you would like to set a custom end date, there are 2 options:

To set a custom end date by using the Relative Time Format, scroll down in the select menu and click the option βš™οΈCustom.

Once you click the option, enter the time in the correct format and click Submit.

  • 'y' for years

  • 'M' for months (Capital)

  • 'w' for weeks

  • 'd' for days

  • 'h' for hours

  • 'm' for minutes (Lowercase)

Role Settings

This option allows you to limit who can enter the Giveaway by role. Use the 2 selects to choose the fitting roles:

  • Required role to enter

  • Exclude a role from entering

Publish the Giveaway

To publish, click the green πŸš€Publish button, this will send your Giveaway in the current channel.

Copy Giveaway

To copy an already existing Giveaway, copy the message ID from the Giveaway you want to duplicate.

If you don't see the option to copy the message ID, enable Developer Mode under Settings -> Advanced -> Developer Mode

Now use the /create command and select 🎁 Prize. Click the πŸ’ΎCopy Existing button and paste the ID from the message you copied earlier.

Now you see that the entire configuration of the Giveaway is copied.

Edit Giveaway

To edit an already existing Store Item: right-click the message -> Apps -> Edit

When clicking Edit, you will now be able to edit the message. For details, follow the steps in Creating a Prize.

Entering a Giveaway

To enter a giveaway, click 🎁 Enter -> Amount of Points you want to enter

Draw Prize

A prize can only be drawn by a prize master or administrator. To do this go to the Prize, click πŸŽ‰Draw Prize.

Once you have confirmed, the bot will choose a winner from the members who have entered. Each entry is a chance to win, the more they enter the greater their chance of winning.

Once a winner is chosen, the message will be updated.

A prize can always be redrawn by following the exact same steps from above.

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