Create "Quests" for community members to engage with Social Media Posts

The Drip Rewards Free Forever plan allows 3 active quests at one time. For unlimited quests, upgrade to the Drip Rewards Pro plan.

Creating a Quest

To create a Quest, use the /drop command

After typing the command and clicking enter, the following embed will be sent to the channel

There are currently two different types of Quests:

  • X Quests: Create a Quest for members to engage with a post or profile on X

  • Admin Quest:s Create a Quest for members to engage in the Discord community

Choose the type of Quest you would like to create from the dropdown menu

Admin Quests can only be created by users with the Admin, Co-Admin, or Quest Master roles

Share Quest Rewards

You have the option to share Quest rewards on Twitter after completing a Quest in your community. To do this, complete an active quest by clicking on the Verify button.

After clicking this button, Drip Rewards will check to see if you completed all of the requirements before rewarding you points. To share your reward on Twitter, click on the Share button

After clicking this button, a drafted Twitter post will show up. Click on the Tweet Now button and Drip Rewards will post your Quest rewards to Twitter for you!

Check your Twitter profile to see the Quest Rewards post

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