⚑User Dashboard

The Dashboard is a central place for your community to manage points.

Creating the Dashboard

Only an administrator can create the dashboard

  1. Creating the Dashboard: Visit Settings > Create Channels > Specific Channels. This will allow you to create channels. You can directly access the dashboard using /dashboard.

Using the Dashboard

Buttons on the Main Embed:

  • ⚑My Dashboard: Navigate to your dashboard with details about points, NFTs, and more.

  • πŸ† Leaderboard: See other community members with the highest point counts.

  • πŸ”Ž Check NFT Balance: Check the balance of specific NFTs from activated collections.

  • Support: Join the Drip Discord for support and follow us on Twitter for the latest updates

Pro Feature: Right-click the embed then use App > Edit to change various features of your community dashboard including image, embed title, description, and color

Detailed Features:

Displays an overview of your account:

  • Points balance

  • Daily points generation (yield)

  • Time remaining until your next claim

  • The number of NFTs you own from the server's activated collection(s).

Dashboard Buttons:

  1. Claim Tokens: Harvest all the Points from your NFTs.

  2. πŸ”— Pair/Unpair NFTs: These buttons are visible only when the server has a multiplier. Use them to pair or unpair NFTs.

  3. πŸ”Ž Browse NFTs: Navigate through your NFTs from activated collections. Check details and harvest tokens from generator NFTs. Read More

  4. βš™οΈ Settings: Manage your Twitter account and Web3 Wallets – adding or removing them. Read More

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