✨Magic Embed Builder

Build embeds on any device directly inside of Discord and add buttons with dynamic functionality.

Creating a Magic Embed

To create a Magic Embed, use the command /create > Magic Embed

Customizing a Magic Embed

The Magic Embed

The ✨Magic Embed offers an unparalleled level of customization.

  • Embed (Message): The main body of the message. Read More

  • Components: All interactive elements associated with the message. Read More

Publish the Magic Embed

To publish an embed, click the green πŸš€Publish button, this will send your ✨ Magic Embed in the current channel.

Copy Magic Embed

To copy an already existing ✨ Magic Embed, copy the link from the ✨ Magic Embed you want to duplicate.

Now use the /create type:✨ Magic Embed command. Click the πŸ’ΎCopy Existing button and paste the link from the ✨ Magic Embed you copied earlier.

Now you see that the entire configuration of the ✨ Magic Embed is copied.

Edit Magic Embed

To edit an already existing ✨ Magic Embed: right-click the message -> Apps -> Edit

After clicking Edit, you will be able to edit the message. For details, follow the steps in Creating a Magic Embed.

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