Data Recovery

This is information on how to recover data from our data loss incident on 03/05/2024

On March 5th, 2024, we encountered an incident that affected our platform and, more importantly, our valued users and communities.

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  • We experienced a partial data loss on March 5th, 2024

  • All NFT Balances can be recovered up until March 3rd

  • All NFT imports can be recovered up until March 3rd

  • Magic Embeds can be recovered (components need to be re-linked)

  • User balances can be recovered with a /recover command if a Transactions Log was set up.

  • Admin Settings and Configurations have been permanently lost

  • Store, Prizes, and Quests have been permanently lost

What Happened

Due to an oversight, a "delete on termination" option was left enabled on our AWS server by a prior developer. Unfortunately, this led to the server being shut down and some loss of data stored on it.

There was no breach or security incident.

We had daily backups enabled, but unfortunately, these backups were stored on the server, and deleted on server termination. Every AWS instance has a 0.5% chance of encountering this issue and we happened to be one of them.

We understand the gravity of this situation and the significant impact it has on your experience and activities on our platform.


In light of this incident, we are taking immediate steps to address the immediate impact and prevent this from happening again. Our actions include:

  • All paying Drip customers will be credited 60 days free as a gesture of our commitment to fairness and service quality.

  • We know this affects users on the Free Plan, so we would like to extend 30 days of Drip Pro to all existing users.

Every software company has a heart attack moment and this was ours. We know this affects your trust in us and your member's trust in you and Drip. We cannot express how much we appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this challenging situation. We are fully committed to transparency and will update you on our progress.

Next Steps

  • If you have a transaction channel, have the admin run the /recover command and choose the transaction channel. This will restore all Points Balances to March 3rd.

  • Import and set your collections under Settings > Web3 Setup then create a ticket in our Discord so we can merge our data

  • All members need to reconnect their X Accounts. We suggest creating a Quest with a high points value to encourage re-linking

  • Right-Click > App > Edit on Magic Embeds to bring back their functionality. All buttons (components) will need to be re-created.

  • Some users who linked their wallets before March may need to re-link

  • Branded Points will need to be set up

  • All settings will need to be reconfigured

  • If you had a Meme Maker, the overlays will need to be reset

  • API users will need to create a new API key in settings. Your RealmID has changed, please make sure to copy the new one from API Settings

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