⚑Create Channels

Have Drip Rewards create starter channels for your Discord Community

Drip Rewards can create some starter channels for your Discord community if you would like. To Create Channels, navigate to the Admin Dashboard then click on the Create Channels button.

After clicking the button, a new embed will appear with three different options for creating channels for your community:

  • ⚑️ Create All: Create all of the basic channels that come with the Drip Rewards template (dashboard, lootbox, games, store, and prizes)

  • βš™οΈ Create Specific: Create a specific channel from the Drip Rewards template

  • πŸ“„ Use Template: Create channels from a template that works best for your community

To create all of the basic channels provided by Drip Rewards, click on the Create All button

This will create the 6 basic channels used by Drip Rewards as seen below:

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