✨Custom Quests

Create a Quest that requires members to perform an action of your choosing

Creating a Custom Quest

To create a Custom Quest Quest, click on ✨ Custom Quests from the dropdown menu

A form will appear for you to enter information about the custom quest.

This information will now appear in the Quest embed

After adding requirements to the Custom Quest, you can modify different components:

  • ✨ Rewards: Modify the total budget and amount of points per claim. You can also select a role to reward upon completion of the quest

Custom Quests have the ability to give "Custom Rewards"

  • ⏱ Time: Change the expiry limit of the Quest (leave blank for no expiry)

  • πŸ”” Roles: Select roles to mention in the Quest

  • ✏️ Note: Add a note to the Quest

  • πŸ“’ Channel: Choose which channel the Quest should be sent to

Click the publish button to send the Quest when finished. A thread will also be created for the creator of the Quest to verify entries.

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