Existing Post Quest

Create a Quest for members to engage with an existing post on X

Creating an Existing Post Quest

To create an Existing Post Quest, click on Existing Post Quest from the dropdown menu

Existing Post Quests comes with two different options for engagement:

  • πŸ’¬ Comment: Require members to comment on the post to complete the quest. You can also require that members include specific words in their comments

  • ♻️ Repost: Require members to repost the post to complete the quest

❀️ Like: Deprecated!

Require members to like the post to complete the quest

X likes are now private, and as such Drip Rewards cannot see the likes on a posts; this will return KeyError: 'HAS_LIKED_IN_X'

If you see this in a server please inform that servers staff that they need to update their quest and remove the like requirement

Choose which type(s) of engagement you would like from the dropdown menu

When you choose an option, a form will pop up to enter a URL to the X Post

After choosing engagement options and entering the post URL you can modify different components of the quest:

  • ✨ Rewards: Modify the total budget and amount of points per claim. You can also choose a role to reward, or apply a multiplier for future points earned

  • ⏱ Time: Change the expiry limit of the Quest (leave blank for no expiry)

  • πŸ”” Roles: Select roles to mention in the Quest

  • ✏️ Customize: Customize how the Quest looks

  • πŸ“„ Templates: Create or Select a Quest template

Click the publish button to send the Quest when finished

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