New Post Quest

Create a Quest for members to Create a Post that Includes a specific word or phrase.

Creating a New Post Quest

To create a New Post Quest, click on New Post Quest from the dropdown menu

A New Post Quest currently comes with one option for engagement:

  • πŸ“ Create a Post That Includes: This task requires members to write a post using specific word(s) defined by the quest creator

Choose which type(s) of engagement you would like from the dropdown menu

When you choose an option, A form will pop up to enter the necessary text for the X post.

After choosing engagement options and entering the necessary text you can modify different components of the quest:

  • ✨ Rewards: Modify the total budget and amount of points per claim. You can also choose a role to reward, or apply a multiplier for future points earned

  • ⏱ Time: Change the expiry limit of the Quest (leave blank for no expiry)

  • πŸ”” Roles: Select roles to mention in the Quest

  • ✏️ Customize: Customize how the Quest looks

  • πŸ“„ Templates: Create or Select a Quest template

Click the publish button to send the Quest when finished

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