X Post Engagement

Create a Quest for members to engage with a post on X

Creating an X Post Engagement Quest

To create an X Post Engagement Quest, click on X Post Engagement from the dropdown menu

X Post engagement comes with three different options for engagement:

  • πŸ’¬ Comment: Require members to comment on the post to complete the quest. You can also require that members include specific words in their comments

  • ❀️ Like: Require members to like the post to complete the quest

  • ♻️ Repost: Require members to repost the post to complete the quest

Choose which type(s) of engagement you would like from the dropdown menu

When you choose an option, a form will pop up to enter a URL to the X Post

After choosing engagement options and entering the post URL you can modify different components of the quest:

  • ✨ Rewards: Modify the total budget and amount of points per claim. You can also select a role to reward upon completion of the quest

  • ⏱ Time: Change the expiry limit of the Quest (leave blank for no expiry)

  • πŸ”” Roles: Select roles to mention in the Quest

  • ✏️ Note: Add a note to the Quest

  • πŸ“’ Channel: Choose which channel the Quest should be sent to

Click the publish button to send the Quest when finished

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