Permissions and Messages

If you get a permission error, it will display the missing permissions that the bot needs to run this command! Make sure you allow them, if you don't know how follow the steps below.

1. Bot Permissions

Basic Checks:

  • Verify if the bot is online by checking its status in the Drip Rewards Discord.

Message Permissions:

  • Make sure the bot can both Read Messages and Send Messages in the desired channel.

  • If you wish for the bot to embed links or upload files, grant it the Embed Links and Attach Files permissions.

Role-Related Permissions:

  • Ensure the bot's role is correctly positioned in the role hierarchy. The bot can only manage roles that are below its highest role.

  • For assigning roles, the bot requires the Manage Roles permission.

2. Role & Channel Permissions

Explicit Deny:

  • Remember, Discord permissions have a hierarchy. Channel-specific permissions will always override server-wide role permissions.

  • If a role's specific permission is denied in a channel, this will override any permission granted server-wide.


  • Roles on Discord are arranged hierarchically. Members with higher roles can manage roles below theirs. Double-check the arrangement of roles to avoid issues.

Audit Log:

  • Unintended changes on the server? Check out the server's Audit Log to see all changes and identify the responsible member.

3. Common Mistakes

Muted Role:

  • If members are unable to send messages, they might have been assigned a "muted" role. This role denies the Send Messages permission.

Channel Overrides:

  • Specific channel permissions can trump general server permissions. If a role or user is denied permissions in a channel, those denials will supersede server-wide permissions.

Remember, always ensure permissions are set as per requirements to ensure smooth operation. If you see messages indicating missing permissions such as "Manage Roles" or "Manage Channels", refer to the Permissions Image to rectify.

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